Power Stations

In today’s world, electrical energy is the backbone of all economies, and supports every aspect of social and cultural life throughout the world. The global demand for electricity is steadily rising and the world has major challenges in providing sufficient power generation, transmission and distribution capacity. 
To meet all these challenges, one must utilize innovative technologies to upgrade and expand the power grids in developing and emerging countries. It is also necessary to optimize the power infrastructures of industrialized nations.
AutomatiX has the adequate know-how, experience and alliances with specialized partners for creating turn-key power solutions ranging from high to medium voltage installations and power transformers.

High Voltage

Depending on the job to be done, AutomatiX takes full responsibility for the whole project, starting from project technical analysis and design to commissioning and handover to the customer.

Our services include:

  •   - Advice on technical and financial questions
  •   - Carrying out measurement as a basis for optimum layouts
  •   - Detailed system analyses and calculations
  •   - Engineering
  •   - Supply of the necessary products, materials and services
  •   - Coordination of all internal and external participants

Medium Voltage Distribution

Air and gaz- insulated switchgears from Siemens in accordance with IEC 62271-200.
Switchgears are important nodal points in modern power distribution. Through its enormous experience in this field, AutomatiX has designed and specified turnkey solutions for the protection of primary and secondary distribution substation based on air-insulated or gas-insulated switchgears, type-tested according to IEC 62271-200.
AutomatiX engineering team is dedicated to insure reliable functionality, clearly defined switching behavior as well as the protection of personnel and protection against operational interruption when an overload occurs.


Choosing the adequate transformer characteristics is a crucial task in the life-cycle of a power station.
Whether the requirements are for power transformers, distribution transformers, oil-filled or dry-type, AutomatiX insures the appropriate selection that will optimize the performance of your substation.
AutomatiX experience ranges from distribution transformers up to 5000 KVA to power transformers up to 35 MVA, provided with off-load or on-load tap changers, with cooling methods ONAN or ONAF, open to atmosphere with conservator or close to atmosphere (hermetically sealed).
All products are according to standards, TS 267, IEC 60076, DIN, ANSI, BS171. Through our partnership with several transformer manufacturers, we strongly emphasize on quality control, testing, after-sales, quick shipment, all at highly competitive prices.


Primary and Secondary Power Stations
From conception toward design,
installation, testing and commissioning
Type-tested MV Switchgears
According to IEC 62271-200
In partnership with SIEMENS MV
Distribution Transformers
Up to 5000 KVA
According to TS267, IEC 66076, BS 171