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In certain application areas such as the pharmaceutical industry, the reliability of measuring sensors is subject to demanding requirements and, often, recalibration of the sensors at regular intervals is mandatory.
The replaceable measuring tip of the certified humidity sensors supplied by Siemens considerably simplifies not only the recalibration process but also the loop test. This means that the sensors can be refitted within a short period of time, thus saving costs.

Testing made simple, fast,
and precise

The certified sensors from Siemens considerably simplify the loop test.

SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture is a SCADA system for visualizing and operating of processes, production flows, machines and plants in all lines of business. Distributed systems enable any number of stand-alone systems, from 2 to 2048, to be linked via a network. Each subsystem can be configured either as a single-user or multi-user system, redundant or not, in each case. SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture relies consistently on object orientation for process images and the database structure.


The Environmental Monitoring System plays a significant role in some industrial facilities. From monitoring impurities in vents, stacks, air or water to point source or area monitoring, automatic and on-line measurement is an important tool. This type of measurement will detect, quantify and assist in the control and monitoring of clean rooms for pharmaceutical and semiconductor plants. Environmental factors like heat, humidity, airflow, smoke, and electricity can be equally devastating to a company’s operation. AutomatiX will solve your problem by a custom made EMS tailored according to your facility. We specialize in environmental sensitive industries such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, semi-conductors and so forth, utilizing selective leading sensing devices and of course Siemens software.

Certified Sensors!

Calibrated Symaro sensors are supplied with a devicespecific serial number and the corresponding calibration certificate according to ISO 9001.

From the measuring tip, the acquired data are transmitted in digital form to the sensor’s electronics inside the housing, where they are converted to standardized output signals (DC 0…10 V or DC 4...20 mA). Although the drift of the sensor’s electronics is insignificant, any changes can be detected by making a loop test. Very often, this test is a mandatory requirement, ensuring that the total deviation resulting from the measurement – caused by wiring or the I/O module, for instance – is known and that it can be compensated for by the building automation and control system, if required. Since the loop test also detects the deviation caused by the sensor’s electronics, there is no need to renew that certificate. Thanks to the signal generator integrated in the humidity sensor, the loop test is very easy to make, with no need for extra tools.

The test can be conducted even more straightforwardly by using the measuring tip service set, since manual activation of the signal generator is not required and the sensor’s housing need not be opened.

Symaro – certified sensors for the pharmaceutical industry

Highly accurate measurement under the most demanding conditions

Additional benefits offered by the certified humidity sensors:
– Proven measuring method and great measuring accuracy of ± 2% r.h. across the entire measuring range of 0…100% r.h.
Excellent long-term stability
Wide temperature range of −40…+70 °C
Temperature acquisition with Pt1000 sensing element, 3 adjustable measuring ranges
Integrated diagnostics system for monitoring the sensor’s function
Operating on AC 24 V or DC 13.5…35 V
Output signal DC 0…10 V (optionally DC 4…20 mA)
Sensor and measuring tip bear an unambiguous product number and the calibration date

SIMATIC WinCC abd WiniCC OA are our modular SCADA System. Our System is ideally suitable for all process requirements and covers all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry - from the operation of individual machines to complete plant operation. The innovative visualization software is characterized by open interfaces and a high degree of flexibility and scalability. SIMATIC WinCC makes it possible to implement a comprehensive operator control solution with uniform audit trail and central message functions. The modular structure allows close linkup of the production environment to the MES system on the basis of SIMATIC IT as well as to the business management systems. This powerful system enables the user to optimize his manufacturing performance and supply chain and make quality into an integral component of his processes.

For machine-oriented operator control and visualization, SIMATIC WinCC offers extensive flexible functions for the documentation of all processes. The innovative enginbeering software inetracts harmoniously with PC systems as well as with SIMATIC Panels. This makes it possible to make compact touch panels ready for configuration by the operator on the machine level. The touch screen solution is connected to a highly effective client/server system and a PC visualization system, meeting the relevant GMP/FDA requirements.

Certified Sensing Partners

CLASS 110 | CLASS 210 | CLASS 310

Designed and manufactured in France, KIMO range of transmitters is perfectly suitable for any industry, process, building services, indoor climate, OEM... KIMO offers many models: from the simplest to the most complete, suitable for any application, with easy configuration and calculation functions. Innovating range: the interchangeable measuring elements enable easy maintenance and on-site calibration.

Clean rooms may be found in many areas of industry as well as in clinical environments - for example, in the pharmaceutical industry, the semiconductor and solar power industries, aerospace engineering, nanotechnology, medical engineering, research, pharmacies, etc. Clean rooms are installed anywhere where products need to be protected against contamination from airborne particles. In order to separate clean rooms from surrounding rooms and to prevent the infiltration of particles, suitable ventilation systems are installed which create a pressure cascade, depending on the classification of the clean room. As far as it is required by the product, the room temperature and / or the room air humidity levels may also be measured, recorded and applied as a control variable for the building control system. The measuring instruments from FISCHER provide the measured values required at the highest degree of precision and with long-lasting repeatability.