Distribution Boards


Type-Tested Panels

We provide flexible and modular systems for Main Distribution Panels, Power Factor Correction and Synchronization Panels.
The solutions are totally based on Siemens platforms in partnership with Rittal Gmbh and Logstrup Denmark.

Our capabilities cover the Type-Tested Panels (Form1, Form 2 a/b, Form 3 a/b & Form 4 a/b), ranging from 63A up to 8500A with a short-circuit level up to 130kA per 1sec.

The solution covers fixed, removable, withdrawable and inline technology for switchboards.

Major benefits include:
  - Minimum Downtime
  - Re-configuration of units while panel is live
  - Ability to interchange different unit type
  - Fully Type-Tested
  - Internal Arc Protection

  The systems are totally conforming to the IEC 60439 and IEC 61439 and tested by ICMET/DAR accredited   testing laboratories and UL/CE approved.





Type-Tested Panels
according to the IEC 60439 - IEC 61439
Up to In 8500A / Ipk 350kA
Versatile Configurations
Form 1, Form 2 a/b, Form 3 a/b and Form 4 a/b
Totally Type-Tested
Accredited from ICMET/ DAR
UL / CE Approved
Based on Logstrup and Rittal