Bringing the latest technology in the Industrial Internet of Things to the Utilities of the Middle East!

As part of its technological views, AutomatiX provides its automation solution based on the newest industrial internet of things backbone. AutomatiX IIoT and advanced instrumentation and control applications take a proactive, cost-effective approach to process reliability. Integrated system diagnostics continually monitor the production status to offer comprehensive system analysis at any time, on-site or remotely.

This key diagnostic information helps identify issues early on so you can quickly troubleshoot the system before anything can interfere with production.

Our solution guarantee the collection and processing of the information in a timely manner independently of the geographical position and station type to the control center where actions can be taken the same easy way.


i2O Water

IoT Based Smart Water Network Solutions
From i2O / UK

No need for power supply, communication towers, sensors, servers...
Everything included!

i2O’s solutions enable asset life to be significantly extended by operating assets at all times at the lowest level of stress and making changes smoothly.
The offered solutions prevent damage to the network, reduce the need to visit installations to change settings or maintain assets, and diagnose problems before they escalate.
Accordingly a major reduction in the number of outages, guarantee levels of service, and reduce turbidity and surges that give rise to discoloration and malodour.

Smart Network Solutions

Smart networks provide the quickest and most cost-effective way to deal with the challenges the industry faces


Local or Cloud Based System

With ADVANCED user interface!

i2O’s Network Monitoring accepts data from both i2O and third-party loggers and telemetry systems, and presents a dashboard of information specifically designed to provide critical insights into network performance. Graphs and alarms highlight trends and exception conditions that facilitate timely and accurate decision-making for network management and optimisation.

Designed to provide an easy to use, networkwide tool for day to day operations, Network Monitoring provides an important foundation for Advanced Pressure Management. It enables network managers to monitor and understand pressures and flows in the network. It ensures that pressure levels of service are being met and that PRVs and pumps are set correctly. It provides tools to monitor network flows and night flows and to identify bursts and areas of high leakage. It also provides insight and visibility into the opportunities for improving network performance through better pressure management and enables the results of pressure management strategies to be monitored and measured.

Smart Network Solutions

Smart networks provide the quickest and most cost-effective way to deal with the challenges the industry faces

Thousands of i2O’s advanced pressure management solutions are deployed in utilities around the world to optimise the performance of their water networks. i2O’s solutions are delivering dramatic reduction In leakage and burst frequency, network lifespan extension, reduced energy and manpower requirements, and improved customer service levels.
i2O has now introduced the next generation of pressure management technology, Advanced Pressure Management. Advanced Pressure Management provides the most comprehensive high performance technology platform for the management of pressure within a Smart Network. It builds on the existing strengths of i2O’s solutions; the combination of network visibility and insight with the remote control and automatic optimisation of pressures.

Offered Solutions