IEC 61439
Compliant Power Distribution Cabinets and MCCs


As official representative for Logstrup and Certified Type Tested Panel Builder from Logstrup and SIEMENS AutomatiX provides flexible and modular systems for the MDPs, DPs, MCCs, Power Factor Correction and Synchronization Panels. Low voltage electric switchboards production up to 7000 Amp. Engineering and supply of bus bar trunking systems. Engineering of electric equipment and switchboards. ATS switchboards for power supply backup. High-performance switchgears for power industries AutomatiX capabilities cover the Type Tested Panels (Forms 1, 2, 3 & 4 in A or B alternatives) and totally conforming to the IEC60439 and IEC61439 till 8,500A. Intelligent TTA Motor Control Centers – iMCCs MCCs provided through our authorized partners SIVACON SIEMENS, A/S Logstrup - Steel and Rittal Gmbh.



The Withdrawable option is launched in the perspective of supplying complete solutions for our customers Power Systems 61439 Type Tested Panel Building Form 1,2,3 and 4 a/b according to IEC 60439 / 61439 Regular & Withdrawable Systems Addressable Motor Control Centers, MDBs, ATSs, Totalizers DOL, SD, Soft Starters, Variable Speed Drives Low voltage electric switchboards production up to 8,500Amp Power Factor Correction Engineering of electric switchrooms and switchboards IEC

Intelligent MCCs

IO-Link closes the gap in communication on the last steps to the process

Consistent automation is only possible with sensors and actuators. The smart connection of sensors and substations to the control level ensures precise and profitable production. The communication standard IO-Link is ideally suited to this purpose. Integrating all components is simplified by IO-Link in switchboards and IO-Link on the field level. They ensure maximal consistency and efficiency on the last steps to the process and thereby seamless communication


Power Distribution Board SIVACON S4
Flexible and cost-effective

SIVACON S4 is a type-tested low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assembly (TTA) conforming to IEC 60439-1, EN 60439-1, which is used in the infrastructural power supply in administrative and utility buildings, in industrial and commercial buildings, as well as in public buildings, such as schools and hospitals.

The SIVACON S4 low-voltage power-distribution board concept is very safe and reliable. SIVACON S4 features a modular design principle. Using standardized, mass-produced assemblies, reflecting the building's requirements, and thanks to the great opportunity to combine SIVACON S4 module technology, every possible need can be met to optimum effect in the area of low-voltage power distribution.


Modern, efficient and flexible

Logstrup is ISO9001/ISO14001 certified, and with our continuous work in quality and environmental management, we endeavour to deliver services and products of the highest quality and standards. Logstrup acknowledges the importance of cooperation and the long-term relationships with our customers. We place emphasis on clear specifications and close communications. The management system is regularly evaluated in order to assess its effectiveness and suitability. Logstrup strives to:
• ensure that the delivered product is in accordance with the mutually agreed specifications
• conduct the quality management from a financial point-of-view (avoid waste)
• conduct the quality management from a competitive point-of-view (flexibility)



The Logstrup Switchgear and Controlgear System achieves the highest safety standards:
• Test verifications acc. IEC 61439-2/1
• Internal arc test acc. IEC/TR 61641
• Section Arc Protection Barriers
• Unit Arc Protection
• Thermographic inspection areas
• Mechanical safety interlocks
• IP20 internal protection


Modern, efficient and flexible

The Logstrup framework and cladding system provides the most robust flexible system available:
• High strength 5 bend profile
• 2mm Aluzinc material
• Modular in 3 axes
• Doors in 1.5mm or 2.0mm
• IP44 standard (IP54 optional)
• Special colours available
• Customised cut-out’s

With Embedded Ultra Intelligence

Introducing the rugged, reliable high performance MCC that’s delivered on time, on spec.

Based on the latest automation platforms from SIEMENS, Our MCCs combine time proven designs and components with the latest in technological advances to meet any application. No matter how customized your needs may be, you can be assured that you are getting a finished product that represents the state-of-the-art in smart motor control technology. Every MCC begins with a modular, open architecture design. This enables us to build customized units which are simple to install, operate and service. Being a part of the largest and most diverse electrical equipment manufacturer in the world, we have the products and expertise to meet any specification, from traditional controls to complex communications systems.