UPS - Rectifiers


In the manufacturing and services industry some processes just cannot be interrupted. Some others can be stopped only after a controlled shutdown procedure has been carried out. Most systems are sophisticated and sensitive to mains disturbances and unexpected voltage fluctuation.

In order to avoid production downtime, service interruption and even casualties, uninterruptable power supply should be installed for applications that need reliable and robust power supply solutions. Such UPS will be able to condition unstable grid power, feeding high quality power to different kinds of highly varying electric loads.

In partnership with BORRI , AutomatiX is able to offer high efficiency solutions  for:

  •   - Uninterruptable power supplies
  •   - AC/AC inverters
  •   - Voltage regulators
  •   - DC Rectifier
  •   - DC/DC Converters
  •   - Battery Chargers


Benefits of BORRI UPS System:

  •   - Synchronized parallel system up to 4.8 MVA
  •   - Inverter transformer and transformer free based architectures series
  •   - Low cost of ownership
  •   - High efficiency
  •   - Full compatibility with generator sets
  •   - Low THDI and enhanced power factor performance
  •   - Distributed and centralized maintenance/static bypass option
  •   - Smart parallel management for load sharing and load synchronization
  •   - Reduced footprint
  •   - Comprehensive range of  monitoring options for total control over system operation
  •   - Full compliance with all international product standards



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