Hilton Beirut - Going Green

Grand Habtoor, Beirut, Lebanon

Hilton Beirut- Habtoor Grand Hotel is one of the most majestic hotel towers in Beirut, and one of the biggest hotels as well, containing the largest convention space in Lebanon and connected through a private bridge to Hilton Metropolitan Palace Hotel.

Hilton’s building management system BMS was installed 8 years ago and was partially operational, when Hilton’s management decided to hire AutomatiX in order to renovate the existent BMS, they were sure that AutomatiX will add value to this important reference project.

The first phase of the project was to control the primary and secondary chilled water pumps through the BMS. AutomatiX used the latest Siemens technology in this project allowing the reduction of both installation and operational cost.

Once the first phase of the project was completed, the hotel management was able to fully control the variable speed drives of the chilled water pumps allowing the operation to be made according to the hotel occupancy and air conditioning need and not to operate at full power as the existent system was operating.

This procedure allows the hotel an important reduction in the operational cost of the HVAC system , thanks to Siemens-AutomatiX design optimization. A control room was provided allowing the operator to monitor and control the HVAC procedure and a management level Web Server allows selected upper management personnel to have a full control and monitor from inside and outside the hotel as well.



Hilton Grand Habtoor - Beirut, Lebanon