AutomatiX - Official Logstrup Integration Partner

Logstrup is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of power switchgears and control gears, headquartered in Denmark, specialized in withdrawable and modular systems.

The Logstrup Modular System incorporates fixed, removable, withdrawable and inline technology for switchboards and motor control centers.

Major benefits include:
- Minimum downtime
- Re-configuration of units while panel is live
- Ability to interchange different unit types
- Fully Type-Tested
- Internal Arc Protection

AutomatiX engineers and workshop personnel conducted several trainings in the mechanical and electrical design principles of the Logstrup modular switchboards system, covering framework construction, external cladding, internal segregation and bus bar support system, as well as Logstrup procedures for workshop assembly and Q.A.

AutomatiX-Logstrup cooperation ages for several years, and this partnership led AutomatiX to be a certified partner and a licensed Logstrup panel builder and sales agent. AutomatiX is certified to assemble Logstrup Totally Type-Tested (TTA) modular systems for distribution switchboards and motor control centers (MCC’s) as per the international standards and following Logstrup design procedures and instructions.

Logstrup Certificate of Authorization