Intelligent Motor Control Center


In the majority of applications, it is desirable to control all of the motors from a central location. In this perspective, AutomatiX offers rugged and high-performance Motor Control Centers (MCC).

Our motor control center consists of one or more enclosed vertical sections mounted on the floor. It contains incoming line facilities, a common horizontal bus, top and bottom horizontal wireways, and conduit facilities for incoming and outgoing wires. Each vertical section typically contains a vertical bus connected to the power bus, a vertical wireway, one or more combination motor control units, and various related devices, including push buttons, selector switches, and many others. Motor Control Centers also might include equipment such as transformers, lighting panels, and special assemblies.

Our Motor Control units can be of the following:

  •   - Direct on Line Starters
  •   - Star-Delta Starters
  •   - Soft Starters
  •   - Variable Speed Drives

The adequate form of separation is applicable: form 1, form 2 a/b, form 3 a/b, form 4 a/b, in accordance to IEC 60439-1, IEC 61439 series and other national standards as CE and UL standards.

AutomatiX provides two alternatives for Motor Control Centers, either withdrawable or fixed. The withdrawable system allows individual functional units to be disconnected and/or replaced for maintenance without interrupting the power supply to the panel.

Electrical Characteristics:

  •  - Rated Current up to 8.500A
  •  - Rated Short-Circuit Withstand current: 130kA/1sec
  •  - Rated Peak Withstand current: 300kA
  •  - Rating at 40°C ambient temperature and maximum busbar temperature 120°C

Control and feedback of the starter units can be delivered via standalone controllers or via Remote IOs linked to the Building Automation and Control System. Also the starter units can have communication capabilities. This means that detailed motor management data can be provided through the communication bus; in this way AutomatiX solutions allow reduced hardwiring and reduced commissioning time. This is what we call Smart Motor Control Centers.

We provide also embedded bus power meters and special motors monitoring systems that permit the users to have access to detailed feedback information to continually monitor their process. In addition, detailed diagnostics and advanced warning capability from the starter units allow for predictive maintenance of motors, thus avoiding unexpected downtime.

Enhanced motor management system,
allowing in one package, protection, control
and monitoring, with reliable communication capabilities
Rugged Motor Control Centers
in partnership with Rittal, Logstrup,
Siemens and Schneider
Logstrup High Availability Withdrawable MCCs
for a minimum downtime and an ability
to re-configure or interchange units while panel is live