Infrastructure Automation


Critical infrastructures, such as electricity generation plants, transportation systems, airports and tunnels are large distributed complexes. Plant operators must continuously monitor and control many different sections of the plant to ensure its proper operation. This remote command and control has been made feasible due to the development of command and control networks and systems designed to support such processes.

AutomatiX integrates networked and redundant high-end control system to monitor and control critical Infrastructures. From field level to control station, trusted communication, high availability, reliable information, fast interaction and user-friendliness are guaranteed in every situation.
Profitability, efficiency and security are thus always harmoniously balanced.

Fields of Application:

  •    Power Plants, Generation Plants …
  •    Airports, Roads, Tunnels, Railways …
       Building Management Systems for large distributed buildings,
       Hospitals, Schools, Malls...
       City Management Systems …

System Features:

  •   - Distributed System to connect multiple servers
  •   - Highest system availability through redundancy and reliable backup
  •   - Integrated video management functionalities
  •   - Efficient maintenance management
  •   - Safety and security
  •   - GIS Viewer for cartographic visualization of widely Distributed Systems
  •   - Archiving
  •   - Reporting
  •   - Trending
  •   - Web Client for operation through a Web Browser

The solution implemented by AutomatiX is tailored to the needs of the customer. The focus is on the user requirements to deliver a Top Level Supervisory System.

Efficiency and Energy provision demands
of Building and City Management Systems are satisfied through centralized operations and integration of all systems
Top Level Supervisory System to fulfill the highest requirements,
particularly with regard to traffic solutions,
building automation and public power supply
Traffic and Transportation
requirements of safety and security
are well addressed through redundant systems