Building Automation


In a world of increasing demand on energy and diminishing energy resources, in a world of need for high productivity, precision and comfort and an equal need for low production costs, in a world where energy conservation and efficiency is no more a luxury, but a policy forced by worldwide organizations and governments, architectural ingenuity and construction excellence prove to be wanting if not combined with smart policies to maximize your building efficiency and protect your equipment from early aging due to extensive use. In such a world any building can be viewed as one big machine - a machine that needs to be automated efficiently and maintained wisely. In such an era, any building owner is confronted with substantial questions like: How can I increase the efficiency of my building? How can I maintain comfort while reducing costs? How can I reduce operating costs? Where can I find long term support for my aging facilities?

The answer for all these questions is one: Building Automation Systems provided by AutomatiX.
AutomatiX is your choice for answering all these highly-pressing questions whether you own a hotel or hospital, school or university, theater or shopping mall, residential building or a skyscraper. AutomatiX team combines years of experience, technology and know-how to stand out and excel while offering the following cardinal advantages:

  • Improved energy efficiency at any stage of the building life cycle.
  • Improved comfort which leads to improved productivity.
  • Maximum return on your existing investments through adding value to your system by integrating new technologies.
  • Peace of mind through our legacy of future proof solutions and innovation.
  • Unfailing security through our fail-safe and smart solutions.


AutomatiX offers all of these assets through providing you with a cutting-edge technology based on SIEMENS platform. SIEMENS is a global leader in building automation solutions which sets high standards for maximizing building efficiency from top to bottom. SIEMENS BMS platform covers a wide range of supervisory systems, automation stations and field devices which suit your different applications, whether being simple or highly complicated. This platform provides a comprehensive range of equipment designed for a large number of applications in the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and access control. Thanks to this wide range of components, AutomatiX systems are highly flexible and adaptable to tackle other multi-level solutions and to work with 3rd-party protocols including but not limited to KNX.

AutomatiX tailor-made solutions like heat recovery systems, demand ventilation systems, remote monitoring of your premises, and user-friendly supervisory and operating systems aim at providing you with what you need - the way you need it, and therefore to cut down unneeded expenses without compromising your comfort.

AutomatiX building management system is your definite choice for an efficient, comfortable, sustainable and green building. Make the right decision!

Automation System for your building
ensuring efficiency, comfort, sustainability,
security and peace of mind
Supervisory systems and automation stations
offering all the intelligence you ask for
with maximum flexibility and user-friendly interfaces
A wide range of field devices covering all your applications,
reducing your expenses and increasing your building life-cycle